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The Words You Speak Become the House You Live In....

Voted one of the most powerful pictures of 2012
Invisible Child: Dasani's Homeless Life

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Summertime sadness.



After seeing those 15 people get stabbed the other day, I think legislation needs to be put forward to ban assault knives along with their deadly high capacity silverware drawers.

All knives should be registered and there should be universal background checks. And why do you need a steak knife if you’re not a chef or a butcher? No civilian should require one. If you need to cut meat with a knife like that you should just call a restaurant.

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Oklahoma Grandmother Nancy Zorn, 79, has U-locked her neck to a piece of KXL heavy machinery, effectively halting construction near Allen, OK.
Nancy is taking action today in solidarity with residents of neighboring Mayflower, Arkansas who have been forced from their homes and are suffering the health impacts from tar sands toxins.
Read more about Nancy’s action here.

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BREAKING: Nancy Zorn has been released from Houghes County Jail on a $250 bail after being charged with trespassing.
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